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Tarot: How to Get Started

I have been dabbling with tarot for a few years now. I frequently have time with my decks and I regularly use them in my own meditation practices. I own more decks than pairs of shoes…. yet, it is one of the least talked about modalities that I utilize in my life.  Why? Because most people have preconceived ideas of tarot being magic or somehow tied into dark magic.  At the root of tarot, is a very joy filled and useful game that closely resembles the modern day game of bridge.  They were created for entertainment purposes only and not in any way tied to magic. Not long after their creation though, people began using them as divination tools and the rumors began.

I use tarot in my every day life as a part of my daily meditations. I will sit with a deck and pull a single card. I will explore the image on the card and then maybe read the cards’ meaning. I use these meanings as thought provoking moments for myself. No different than most read a quote of the day calendar.  It gives me something to ponder or consider as I move through my day.

I also use my decks to offer different perspectives of situations that I may be going through in my own life. Again, sitting with a deck while I breathe and contemplate what I have happening and may need some insight into, then I will pull a card…or 3. At that point, I will study the images, or read the meanings of the cards. Most of the time, SOMETHING in that process will help me to consider a different way of viewing my particular situation.  It really helps me to find some clarity in life at times.

I do NOT use my cards to dictate my life. Nor do I attempt to read my future with a deck of tarot.

I do not believe there is any magic happening within any of my decks and the only force that is at play with my tarot time is the energy from the Universe.

Many people who discover that I use tarot ask me how they can begin incorporating it into their own lives. It really is a simple modality to help you sometimes ponder events, people or adventures that you may be experiencing. Here are some of my most practical steps to get you started:

  1. Do NOT over think it. There is no right or wrong way to use tarot. Simply head to any of your local metaphysical shops or even the local book store and find a deck that speaks to you. I find that my deck usage depends on my mood. Sometimes I am feeling very feminine and girl so will work with my crystal deck or my fairy garden deck. The images are more appealing to my lighter side and the interpretations in the books are softer for me. Other days, I need that more firm nudge so I will grab my Witches Tarot. (I call this deck my evil step sister deck because the interpretations are very straight forward and there is ZERO fluff.)  A deck should be both visually appealing as well as emotionally connected to you. In short, if you look at it, and don’t like it, put it down. Period.
  2. When you purchase your deck, do not be afraid to rip into the box and read the guide book. That book offers insight into why the deck’s creator chose the artwork that is on the cards. Its like your inner peek at your deck and really helps you to learn what the subtle messages are that you find on the cards.  I like to spend a few days soaking up the books before I ever try to do a reading for myself with a deck.
  3. Make sure that when you sit down to pull a card or lay out cards for a reading, that you have TIME to contemplate the cards both before and after. I like to grab my coffee and sit down with my deck. I will usually have my journal handy so I can jot down notes that come to mind…and my ultimate joy is when I have time for some meditation around the reading.
  4. Start small if that is where you are comfy. Know that it’s ok to use your deck as a daily ponder just as it’s ok to discover complicated multicard spreads that resonate with you. It’s YOUR deck. Your process. Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.
  5. Take the images and words from the deck as you would advice or words from a close friend. While it helps to have another perspective on situations you may be going through, your decisions should come from your own heart.
  6. As you get more comfortable with tarot, you may find that new decks appeal to you or you may find new layout or new uses for your decks. Always remember that this is YOUR journey. Its ok to have more than one deck. (Says the girl who currently has 8.)

Here are some great resources if you should decide to dig deeply into the world of tarot:

The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads by Johannes Fiebig. This is my favorite resource for tarot spreads. Its is easy to follow and interpret.

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. A great resource that takes you through the history of tarot and gives you hint, tips and tricks to using your cards effectively. This was introduced to me as the “Tarot Bible” because it is PACKED with information. A must for anyone who wants to explore tarot.

As I have said, tarot is very personal but a modality that I LOVE incorporating into my life. Like most things, it can be anything that you would like it to be. A way to guide. Similar to a close friend. Or a game that entertains. I would love to hear your thoughts on tarot as well as if you are currently using it in your life (and how you are if you would be comfy sharing.)


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Shelah has been a yoga instructor and holistic Nutrition consultant in South Florida for 8 years. She has a zest for writing and loves to help others transform their lives. Humor, love and proper use of F bombs are what keep her going.

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  • Denise Brown
    October 25, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    You’re so AWESOME! This was a great post. And a great idea to get me started back on my journey which has been put to the side for awhile.. You can order the cards from Amazon or Hay House, they have a large selection, although finding a place that you can actually go and touch and feel is good, but sometimes schedules and circumstances don’t allow for that. I have a total of 14 Tarot and Oracle decks, plus another 17 decks on my wish list. They really do help and I believe it’s a way for your guides and Angels to help you through life and to give advice. And it is sad how most people see it as evil or wicked when it is not. Thank you for this lovely article! Love you! Miss you! 😀 :* <3


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