Book Worms Unite

Calling All Book Lovers

I have tried a few times over the past few years to gather my book loving family & friends together and host various book club gatherings. The timing has never been right. Everyone has been busy….you name it….but a book club is something that I have ALWAYS wanted to be a part of. Since this blog is about doing what makes you happy and chasing your joys and soaking up adventures, I am going to do it. A book club. Right here!!!! (I know that you are excited!)

I plan to keep things simple and very casual. The books are all from my own personal wish list and I hope that some (or all of them) might be of interest to you.  At the beginning of each month, I will post a suggested reading outline for you that will break down the book into bite sized pieces. Throughout the month, we will host our book gatherings online via FB chats so that everyone can join in the fun.

We will start our first book on January 1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here is our book list for the entire year:

Are you a reader? Will you be joining me?


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  • Sissy
    November 19, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    It was going to be Big Magic october. What happened to october?? For that matter wtf happened to november?? Time really needs to slow down so I can get to the fun stuff more often.


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